A Lawyer Proficient in Handling Traffic Violation Cases

Have You Recently Received A Traffic Ticket?

In Hawaii, the police aggressively enforce traffic laws. Traffic violations can affect your driver’s license and can have a significant impact on your life, especially if you depend on your driving ability to do your job. You can pay the traffic citation online, and hope that the whole mess is behind you. More importantly, you do have the right to consult with a criminal defense attorney, who will take aggressive action for you, help protect your driving record and work hard to create a positive outcome.At the law office of Rustam A. Barbee, Attorney at Law, you will be able to talk to an experienced traffic tickets lawyer about your case. Rustam has significant experience in criminal law, first as a prosecutor and now as an accomplished criminal defense attorney. He will be glad to meet with you to discuss the traffic violation(s) with recommendations for solid traffic violations defense.



Aggressive Traffic Crime/Violation Defense

Attorney Barbee vigorously defends clients against a wide variety of traffic and speeding violations, including:

  • Driving without insurance
  • Reckless driving
  • Driving under the influence
  • Hit and Run/Fled scene of accident

It is not uncommon to be charged with several traffic violations from the same traffic stop. These charges are considered criminal infractions, either misdemeanor or a felony. In many cases, you may be arrested and your driver’s license suspended. Attorney Barbee is happy to meet with clients and recommend the best course of action.


Fighting The Charges

An experienced criminal defense attorney knows the law, and knows how to approach the prosecuting attorney on your behalf to negotiate a lesser charge or penalty.

Free Consultations About Traffic Offenses

For a confidential consultation in his downtown Honolulu, Hawaii, call (808) 524-4406 to learn more about your options. He represents motorists, commercial drivers and military members throughout Hawaii in traffic ticket matters.