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If you have received an excessive speeding ticket in Hawai’i do not hesitate to call Rustam Barbee, attorney at law, to help you fight the ticket. Rustam Barbee has over 30 years of Criminal Defense experience and has been fighting excessive speeding tickets since the law was enacted more than 15 years ago.

Hawaii Traffic Ticket and Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Have You Received A Ticket For Excessive Speeding in Hawaii?

If you have been stopped for excessive speeding on Oahu’s H-1, H-2, or H-3, take a moment to consider your legal options. If you decide to plead no contest or guilty to your Hawaii speeding ticket, you will be convicted of a petty misdemeanor, which is a criminal offense in Hawaii. Mandatory penalties for conviction include a prompt suspension of license, potentially many hours of community service, jail, and driver improvement, classes. You do have rights, and do NOT have to plead guilty or pay the fine. In addition to that, your insurance rates will go up and you will have a criminal conviction on your driving record for Hawaii excessive speeding.

Excessive Speeding Ticket Hawaii Dismissed

Fight Your Hawaii Traffic Ticket and Don’t pay the Traffic Ticket.

Rustam A. Barbee, Attorney at Law, focuses a significant portion of his practice to criminal defense, and fighting Hawaii traffic violations and traffic crimes, especially speeding tickets in Hawaii. With considerable experience in both state and federal courts, he believes that you deserve aggressive defense against excessive speeding charges because your future is at stake.

If you have recently received a ticket for speeding, excessive speeding ticket, or other moving violation, your first instinct may be to pay it online or consider paying by mail. However, if you pay the Hawaii traffic ticket or moving violation fine, you are essentially admitting to the violations against you. In essence, by paying the traffic or ticket fine, you agree to the accusation of violating Hawaii’s traffic laws, and the violation or ticket will appear on your driving record, possibly resulting in a license suspension, depending on your particular circumstances.

Instead of paying the traffic ticket fine immediately, consult with a Hawaii speeding ticket lawyer. Rustam A. Barbee, Attorney at Law will look at the facts of your case and the circumstances around your Hawaii traffic ticket, then discuss the options available and possible defenses to beat your ticket.

When you contact attorney Barbee, he can answer your questions about the speeding ticket and outline a speeding ticket defense strategy. His goal is to create a positive outcome for you.

Speeding tickets in Hawaii

If you’ve been ticketed for speeding or excessive speeding in Hawaii, contact Rustam A. Barbee, Attorney at Law, immediately. He will discuss your legal options and discuss with you the opportunities to fight your speeding ticket in Hawaii.

In Hawaii, you can be ticketed if you go over the posted speed limit, but the faster you go, the more likely you will be fined for excessive speed. Furthermore, It’s illegal to drive more than 30 mph over the posted speed limit or drive faster than 80 mph in Hawaii.

If it is your first-time excessive speeding ticket offense, it is considered a petty misdemeanor punishable by:

Between 2-5 days of jail time or 36 hours of mandatory community service.

A fine ranging between $500 and $1,000 and potential additional assessments or surcharges.

A 15-day driver’s license suspension with no driving privileges or a 30-day driver’s license suspension with few driving privileges.

Enrollment and completion of a driver’s improvement course.

The consequences of excessive speeding tickets in Hawaii get considerably worse for a second or third offense within the span of five years.

You can be fined $250 for speeding in a school zone, even if you don’t exceed the speed limit by more than 30 mph or more than 80 mph. If you violate the excessive speeding law in a school zone, though, you’ll face more than just fines.

How to fight a speeding ticket in Hawaii

To get a Hawaii speeding ticket dismissed or fight your speeding ticket, you have to appear for your court date and choose to argue your speeding ticket case. Due to the first court date being relatively soon after receiving a traffic ticket, you must make a decision to fight your Hawaii traffic ticket quickly.

On most speeding tickets, your court date will be indicated on your speeding ticket. On the indicated date, you must appear in district court to make your intentions known to the state. Taking no action on your speeding ticket will result in a default judgement against you. Due to the first court date being relatively soon after receiving a traffic ticket, you must make a decision to fight your Hawaii traffic ticket quickly.

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How a Hawaii Speeding ticket lawyer can help

If you look at Hawaii’s traffic court website, you’ll see that there is more information available on paying tickets than on fighting them. However, if you have received a traffic ticket, Attorney Rustam A. Barbee recommends that you talk with a lawyer right away rather than simply paying the ticket and having it appear on your driving record.

You don’t want a speeding ticket on your driving record, especially if you have had previous moving violations or traffic tickets. Attorney Rustam A. Barbee can help you contest it and fight your speeding ticket or moving violation.

To get a Hawaii speeding ticket dismissed, you must appear for your court date and choose to argue your speeding ticket case. Typically on speeding tickets, a date is marked indicating the day you must appear in court to make your intentions known to the state. If you decide to do nothing and take no action after 21 days of your speeding ticket, you will then have a default judgement entered against you. Due to the first court date being relatively soon after receiving a traffic ticket, you must make a decision to fight your Hawaii traffic ticket quickly.

Attorney Rustam A. Barbee can request a hearing in traffic court on your behalf and if necessary schedule your case for a trial before the judge in district court. 

What is excessive speeding in Hawaii?

In Hawaii, it is against the law to drive faster than 80 miles per hour or to exceed the speed limit by 30 mph or higher. Even for a first offense, penalties for conviction are severe and include:

  • A criminal petty misdemeanor charge on your record
  • 2-5 of jail or 36 hours of community service
  • Automatic suspension of your license up to 30 days
  • Fines from $500 to $1000
  • Mandatory drivers improvement course
  • SR-22 hazardous drivers insurance
  • 36 hours of community service or two to five days in jail
  • Mandatory license suspension for 15-30 days

Hawaii excessive speeding ticket dismissal

To have a Hawaii excessive speeding ticket dismissed, you must be able to overcome the state’s evidence against you. Another way to dismiss an excessive speeding ticket is through errors or defects in the police officer’s testimony. An excessive speeding ticket can also be dismissed if the citing police officer fails to appear for the trial in your case. 

Unfortunately, In Hawaii, you cannot take a defensive driving course to fight a criminal speeding ticket. You have to go to court for that. There is a chance that the prosecuting attorney and judge will amend and reduce the charges from criminal to civil. 

Talking with a traffic violation attorney can help you understand your legal options and the possible defenses available. Depending on your circumstances, dismissal, or reduction of an excessive speeding ticket charges in Hawaii may be achievable.

How a Honolulu, Hawaii, excessive speeding ticket lawyer can help

If you have been received a speeding ticket, call Honolulu criminal defense lawyer Rustam A. Barbee at (808) 524-4406 or contact his law office today for a confidential consultation. You deserve an aggressive speeding ticket defense. 

The Difference Between Traffic Citations and Traffic Crimes in Hawaii

There are two types of traffic offenses: civil infractions and traffic crimes. Civil infractions, like speeding or running a stop sign, can result in a fine but not imprisonment. Traffic crimes, such as excessive speeding, racing, driving under the influence or reckless driving, can result in imprisonment in Hawaii.

With the help of Rustam A. Barbee, Attorney at Law, an experienced traffic ticket lawyer in Honolulu, Hawaii, you can confidently fight either type of traffic offense. Rustam has over 30 years of experience in practicing law, where he has extensive experience defending those facing traffic violations and speeding tickets.

Potential Consequences of Traffic Tickets or Traffic Violations

When facing a traffic ticket or moving violation in Hawaii, talk with a traffic ticket lawyer to discuss your legal options and fully understand the implications or consequences of a ticket.

Fines: The fines and fees associated with traffic offenses can quickly add up, sometimes totaling hundreds or thousands of dollars. An experienced Hawaii traffic lawyer can help you avoid these costs in some cases.

License Revocation or Suspension: Your license might be suspended for some time or until a certain issue is corrected. You could be forced to find other means of transportation for months or years.

Driving Record: Hawaii does not add points to your driver’s license for traffic violations like many other states. However, if you have too many moving violations on your record, your license may be suspended or revoked.

Community Service: Completing community service hours may be required depending on your circumstances.

Auto Insurance: You have to think about your car insurance premiums, too. A moving violation will usually make your auto insurance more expensive. Conviction of traffic crimes may result in mandatory SR-22 hazardous drivers insurance, costing you thousands of dollars over the years.

Incarceration: Depending on your circumstances and the charges in front of you, some of Hawaii’s traffic violations are considered crimes. There is a possibility that you could potentially be incarcerated for multiple days, weeks, or months.

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